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    We take the liberty of introducing ourselves to you and sincerely request to enroll in your registration list of suppliers. Our services are not only limited to the sales and supplies of office furniture, but start with an attentive briefing period with clients to understand their needs and requirements. We also specialize in transportation, relocation, decoration and construction.  


    This is followed by illustrating alternative office layout and product options with the aid of computer, and offering professional advices on the selection of appropriate furniture for an office.  With a team of qualified and experienced technicians to carry out installation, and a site supervisor to co-ordinate the project, every effort is made to ensure a smooth and trouble free process.   

    Last, but certainly not the least, is that the relationship with clients does not finish here, but extends to effective after sales services and mainttenance. Our service is the one-stop solution to your needs. With us, you do not need to waste time to search around and negotiate with various suppliers. The achievements of Yardstick can be reflected by its client profile.

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